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We are a small team seeking to co-create a world, which is inclusive, regenerative and kind.

Em Strang

Founder & Operational Director

I founded Three Streams because I wanted to create a structure that could facilitate change on multiple levels – emotional, spiritual and practical. I wanted to continue to work with people from all walks of life – from professional artists to prisoners – to find ways to transform our lives for the better at a time of global crisis.

I have never been one to shy away from the truth, and I want Three Streams to be an upholder of deep truth at this time in humanity’s history: What really matters right now? Who are we beneath the stories we tell ourselves? How can we each bring our unique skills to bear fruit in the world?

It is an enormous privilege to be able to begin this journey. May Three Streams be an ‘island of sanity’ for humans, plants and animals alike.

Em is a poet, novelist, workshop facilitator, prison tutor and Open Book reader.

Rachel Connor


I am involved with Three Streams as someone who craves connection, and is passionate about creating it. So, when I was invited to come on board, there was no hesitation. I want to contribute to an initiative that focuses on the wellbeing of all, and promotes mindfulness of the myriad ways in which we are all interwoven.

Three Streams celebrates creativity and expression – not simply as qualities that deeply enrich our lives but as tools to build resilience. In this time of huge change and uncertainty, it feels like the world has shifted on its axis and those who are already disadvantaged face ever greater challenges. There was never a better time to focus on connection, creativity and community.  Through Three Streams these concepts become vehicles for transformation in service of the planet and each other.

Rachel is an academic, literary critic, novelist and Five Rhythms dancer.

Neil Harvey


It feels like there has never been a more important time for us, as a species, to slow down and take stock. We are on a trajectory that is unsustainable. As well as being unsustainable, this trajectory does little to serve our core needs as human beings. More and more of us find ourselves deeply unsatisfied and disillusioned. 

Our general pace of life coupled with the financial commitments of the modern-day western world mean that it becomes increasingly difficult for us, as individuals, as families and as organisations to remain in touch with our core values. 

I’m choosing to be involved with Three Streams because its work is centred around re-connecting human beings with their core values. I believe that the Three Streams approach of creativity, contemplation and action is one that gives us the best chance of establishing that re-connection and of transforming reflection into action. In addition, I believe strongly that such work must be rooted in environmental action – we have never faced a more pressing crisis. 

Neil is a crofter on the Isle of Mull and runs two businesses, Wild Journeys and Wild Campers.

Tara O’Leary


I’m delighted to be asked to be a trustee of Three Streams with its vision of a more grounded, creative and interconnected future.   

I’ve got a varied background in community work, activism, arts and spirituality. Since 2013, I’ve worked on a number of projects at the Centre for Stewardship, bringing six hundred young people from across Fife onto the land. The projects are about sharing joyful, authentic, creative experiences, and giving young people – predominantly from low income households – confidence and a sense of their own voice. 

I’m looking forward to continuing to support this kind of work – connecting head and heart – during my time with Three Streams.

Tara is Project Coordinator at the Centre for Stewardship in Fife and mother of two young sons.

Daniel Mandel


I have worked within internal management of financial institutions since 1993. Throughout my corporate career I have managed to balance work and artistry. I’ve been writing songs and singing since I was 8 years old. Many of my most important life lessons arrived in the context of learning how to best express my unique self. Artistry also pulled me into deeper learning about the world around me. 

Through my value of authentic self-expression I began to explore relationships, meaning and consciousness. In 2019 I began the journey of life coaching and became certified. This not only helped me remain as buoyant as possible, but showed me how to work with others cooperatively as a servant-leader with a motivation to help others achieve their best outcomes. Coaching has provided me with a framework for understanding a full perspective from our basic instincts to our highest levels of energy and awareness.

A theme of “reframing” has emerged out of my exploration. This began with a deep look at my relationship to anger. Reframing what it means to be a man with a gay sexual orientation has helped me to arrive at an evolving definition – one that serves me well – of what it means to be a man in today’s world.

Daniel is vice-president at Wells Fargo and a certified Life Coach.

Jane Murray


I have spent much of my professional life immersed in the systems and paradigms of capitalism, competition and profit. A lawyer by profession, I ran a venture capital fund for 15 years and invested in many start-ups across industry as well as starting 5 of my own companies. During this time I became obsessed with what we mean by value in our Western culture. That obsession has become my vocation and I have spent the last five years building a theory of expanded value, multiple forms of capital and the currency of kindness. Our single lens focus on the metric of financial capital which permeates all aspects of life in the West has shrunk our lives, our souls and the resources of our planet in a way that may ultimately consume all of us. However, I am an optimist and there are extraordinary people with astonishing heart and a willingness to hold difficult questions and re-imagine our world.

Em Strang and the team at Three Streams are examples of this and I am continually inspired by the depth and breadth of their vision for a different way of living through creativity, contemplation and action, and I am thrilled to be part of this story.  

Jane is Founder and CEO of Peacebeam and pioneer of Kindness Capitalism.

Amabel Crowe

Fundraiser & Programme Co-Facilitator

“What if the way we’re responding to the crisis is part of the crisis?” That is the provocation of Bayo Akomolafe and captures something of my experience of political organising to confront social and ecological injustice. The world on our shoulders, we strive for the sharpest analysis, to seize the opportunities, to act effectively: all the time facing time-critical tragedies.

I was drawn to Three Streams from a desire to give space in all this to becoming differently human. To the creativity that is necessary if we are going to imagine a future and live in an open-hearted way with the world. To the contemplation that teaches us to listen and to lose our self-importance and arrogance. And never forgetting the action, to keep remembering our agency every moment of the day. I’m inspired by the ambition to hold these three streams together, to keep breaking through the fog, individually and collectively, and live these times with energy and honesty.

Ama is an organic veg grower, NGO conflict facilitator and is currently training to become a Whole Body Focusing practitioner.

Dougie Strang

Programme Co-Facilitator

I’ve spent much of my adult life cultivating practical resilience. This has involved growing food, woodland management, green building, and participation in various permaculture and low-impact-living initiatives. Learning practical, hands-on skills brings me joy. Whether its sowing seeds in a tray, digging a patch of ground, planting trees, or mixing clay, straw, and horse manure into a natural plaster for the walls of a straw-bale house; all of these activities draw me, physically, into relationship with the stuff of the world. It’s a tactile, bodily engagement that also allows me to be more present in myself.

I’m also interested in how to build psychological resilience in the face of climate change, ecocide, and social and economic disruption. The two are clearly related: the practical and the psychological, the hand and the heart; and I’m tremendously excited to be working with Three Streams on ways that encourage others to engage with both these kinds of resilience.

As well as woodsman & gardener, Dougie is a writer and storyteller. He’s a core member of The Dark Mountain Project and also works with physical theatre company Oceanallover and with Scapa Fest in Argyll.

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